New Applications of Artificial Intelligence (Pedro Ponce, et al)

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New Applications of Artificial Intelligence (Pedro Ponce, et al)

In order to give the reader experience with the new systems for implementing and creating artificial intelligence (AI) approaches, which may operate in a variety of digital systems, this book contains a complete set of applications of artificial neural networks.

On the other hand, the book demonstrates the most recent AI algorithms that offer a broad range of study fields where AI can be used.

There are numerous books that discuss the uses of AI. However, this book demonstrates the most recent uses made possible by modern technology advancements. Changes that occur suddenly in digital systems or other related fields enable AI algorithms to perform better. As a result, in order for AI algorithms to work in microcontrollers or FPGAs, they occasionally need to be changed. Although the topics addressed to produce a structured book that may be used as a textbook, it was written with a broad readership of those interested in AI in mind.

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About the Authors
In 1995, Pedro Ponce completed his engineering degree in automation and control. He then finished his academic work, earning his Master of Science in 1998 and his Doctor of Science in 2002. He worked in a variety of sectors as a designer and field engineer.
Published Date / Year
(August 31, 2016)
Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)
178 pages
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978-9535125358, Print ISBN 978-9535125341

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