Zend Framework: Surviving The Deep End (Pdraic Brady)

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Zend Framework: Surviving The Deep End (Pdraic Brady)

The ebook walks you through the method of constructing a complete net utility with the Zend Framework, starting with the fundamentals and then including greater complicated elements, together with information pagination and sorting, person authentication, exception dealing with, localization, and internet services. Debugging and performance optimization are also covered in this fast-paced academic.

The book becomes written to manual readers via the metaphorical "Deep cease". it is the place you discover yourself while you complete a few tutorials and experiment through the Reference manual, where you are buried in know-how up on your neck but without a clue approximately how to bind all of it collectively efficiently into the software. This take on the Zend Framework gives a survival manual, boosting your understanding of the framework and the way it all fits collectively with the aid of following the development of a single application from beginning to completion. I'll even throw in some awful jokes without cost.

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Trachtenberg is operating on getting an MBA from Columbia commercial enterprise college. At business school, he specializes in fashionable management and Operations, with an emphasis on the field of the era. He also has a BA from Columbia University.
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