Write You a Haskell: Building a Modern Functional Compiler from First Principles (Stephen Diehl)

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Write You a Haskell: Building a Modern Functional Compiler from First Principles (Stephen Diehl)

With a parser, type inference, datatypes, pattern matching, desugaring, typeclasses, higher-kinded types, monadic IO, arbitrary-rank polymorphism, records, Core language, STG intermediate language, lazy evaluation, interpreter, native code generator, a runtime, and multiple optimizations passes, we will construct the small functional language Fun, which is a partial Haskell 2010 toy language.

This is a complex subject that is regrettably understudied; many programmers lack the skills necessary to create a functional language of this caliber. The accessible resources frequently go into great length about language theory while completely skipping over the engineering specifics. In order to provide the reader with a completely functional toy language that could be expanded for more projects, I wanted to write a project-based tutorial that also included the engineering aspects.

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