WML and WML Script (Vijay Mukhi)

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WML and WML Script (Vijay Mukhi)

This book provides a basic introduction to creating wireless Web pages using WML and WMLScript. It takes advantage of the basic guide series' pedagogy and comprises modules, drills lasting one minute, annotated code, and an analysis part.

Using this practical introduction resource, get started with WML and WMLScript and produce your first practical Wireless application. You'll learn everything there is to know about WAP and the Wireless Web, as well as how to create pages and applications for your Web-enabled mobile phone using WML.

This indispensable manual gives you all the resources you need to build your own wireless Web site and other practical WML-based applications, including formatting text, displaying graphics, and producing wireless bitmap files.

Additionally, you'll discover how to use the WMLScript libraries to enhance the performance of your wireless apps. This comprehensive and understandable manual, written by a wireless expert, is the only one you require.

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(October 30,2004)
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