What's a Microcontroller? (Andy Lindsay)

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What's a Microcontroller? (Andy Lindsay)

The What's a Microcontroller? text explains what a microcontroller is and demonstrates to pupils how to use the BASIC Stamp module to create their own personalized, clever ideas.

The exercises in this book use a range of entertaining and captivating experiments to introduce new ideas while appealing to students' imaginations through motion, light, sound, and tactile feedback. With the help of these exercises, students will learn a variety of fundamental concepts in the areas of computer programming, electricity and electronics, mathematics, and physics.

Many of the activities provide a hands-on presentation of design techniques used by engineers and technicians to build contemporary appliances and equipment out of cheap and accessible parts.

This book serves as a first-step BASIC Stamp 2 tutorial, presenting the fundamentals of programming and electronics simultaneously. You'll create both basic and complex breadboard circuits including LEDs, pushbuttons, potentiometers, a light sensor, a servo, and more while writing PBASIC programs.

A wide range of ages and academic abilities can use this work.

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