Web Service and SOA Technologies (Glenn Hostetler)

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This is the online model of the corresponding printing, funny way, a laugh to examine e-book. all the chapters are as a minimum 99% identical because of the printing version.

This very insightful ebook devotes a bankruptcy to each of several service-orientated structures (SOA) and internet service-associated technology. For every chapter, a top-level view is given alongside the strengths, weaknesses, alternatives, and not unusual mistakes of that era.

For instance, there are chapters dedicated to SOAs, net services, corporation service Buses, BPEL, Governance, .net, J2EE, Message orientated Middleware, XML, rest and ROA, soap, WSRP, and WSDL. There are also chapters on some of the different related technologies like HTTP, php, XML Schemas, HTML, and horizontal and vertical scaling - each bankruptcy emphasizing commonplace errors that carry down SOA initiatives. The ebook is chalked complete with useful insights and pitfalls to keep away from, but what makes the presentation surely precise is that each topic is presented in an enticing and humorous manner. in reality, funny footnotes permeate the textual content, and Dilbert-Esque cartoons that make a factor about every generation motive very uninteresting subjects to become palatable. in case you're an assignment manager or software architect who can't call 3 ways technology like... say... net offerings or XML threatens tasks then you should purchase this e-book. it's also an awesome book to read to have something wise to mention about famous technologies at some stage in activity interviews and you may have some chuckles along the way.

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About the Authors
  • Glenn Hostetler has written books and numerous IBM white papers on provider-orientated architectures, net services, and associated technologies. He has been providing provider-oriented structure consulting for 6 years.
  • Sandor Hasznos is a Director of carrier-oriented structure development at IBM. He authored the IBM Redbook ''The software program improvement thriller Solved'', which files a validated method for huge software deployments.
Published Date / Year
First Edition edition (April 22, 2009)
208 pages

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