Wavelets and their Applications in Computer Graphics (Alain Fournier, et al)

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Wavelets and their Applications in Computer Graphics (Alain Fournier, et al)

This book explores the key computer graphics applications, both current and future, while also providing the necessary mathematical background on wavelets.

The emphasis is placed on the relationship between wavelets and the tools and ideas that any good computer graphics professional should be familiar with: Spline representations, pyramidal schemes, and Fourier procedures.

It focuses on a broad theory that easily accepts the different objects that frequently appear in computer graphics, such as pictures, open curves, and surfaces with any topology.

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  • At the University of British Columbia's Department of Computer Science, Alain Fournier teaches. Modeling natural events, filtering, and illumination models are some of his areas of interest.
  • The research team at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington, includes Michael Cohen. He was a professor at Princeton University until recently. He is one of the originators of the radiosity method for image synthesis.
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PDF (239 pages)

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