Unix and Perl Primer for Biologists (Keith Bradnam, et al)

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Unix and Perl Primer for Biologists (Keith Bradnam, et al)

This is an introductory course that teaches the fundamentals of the Perl programming language to biologists.

This began as a course for UC Davis graduate students, and we later offered it as a one-week intensive session to anyone interested on campus (sponsored by the UC Davis Genome Center). We decided to make it open to everyone who is interested after receiving really positive comments about these classes.

The course is primarily designed for those with no prior knowledge of Unix or programming. It is becoming more and more typical for biologists to work with enormous amounts of in silico data for their study, frequently in the form of numerous big text files that are the output from computing devices or software. You should understand enough by the end of the course to be able to create programs that query, polish, and process this type of data.

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About the Authors
  • Keith Bradnam is an Associate Project Scientist
  • Ian Korf is an Assistant Professor at UC Davis Genome Center, College of Biological Sciences
Published Date / Year
University of California, Davis. October 2016
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