Understanding the DOM - Document Object Model (Tania Rascia)

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Understanding the DOM - Document Object Model (Tania Rascia)

Although JavaScript is the default programming language for the web, it lacks any built-in support for working with input/output (I/O), including sound and graphic display.

Instead, the web browser offers a Page Object Model API for accessing the HTML document as a tree structure (DOM). We are able to develop interactive, dynamic websites thanks to the interaction between JavaScript and the DOM.

React, Vue, and Svelte are just a few examples of contemporary frameworks that abstract away most of the DOM from developers while still making use of it internally. Although the DOM may be worked with directly today, the JavaScript library jQuery was developed to make dealing with it simpler.

Having a thorough understanding of what the DOM is and how to use it is crucial for becoming a skilled web developer. This book's objectives are to give readers a fundamental grasp of the DOM and to explore examples of the most popular and practical ways to interact with it.

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