UML For The IT Business Analyst (Howard Podeswa)

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UML For The IT Business Analyst (Howard Podeswa)

Information technology business analysts are frequently involved in OO and UML projects nowadays, but they still have a ways to go before fully utilizing the technology beyond use cases (just one part of the UML).


This free programming book illustrates how an IT business analyst can combine all of the UML tools and use them to their fullest potential throughout an IT project. You will genuinely study this subject through practice rather than a theoretical approach: The entire book is structured as a case study, which aids in the step-by-step development and validation of the requirements for an IT system.

You will be trained and mentored to work effectively on UML projects in an understandable and visual manner, regardless of whether you are a new IT business analyst, an experienced analyst who is unfamiliar with the UML, a developer interested in expanding your role to include IT business-analysis activities, or any other professional tasked with requirements gathering or the modeling of the business domain on a project. This revised edition provides coverage of all pertinent new BABOK 2 knowledge areas and has been entirely updated for UML 2.2. The various lifecycle techniques (non-empirical, empirical, waterfall, iterative, and agile) and their effects on how project steps are carried out are also covered in the new version.


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N At business analysis conferences, including most recently BA World San Francisco and Vancouver, the author is a well-respected speaker. He designs BA training programs for a number of major training institutions, including Boston University, TriOS, Humber College, etc. He also serves as a subject matter expert for the NITAS BA program, which is sponsored by the US Department of Labor and CompTIA, and he reviews the profession's standard book of best practices (the BABOK, owned by the International Institute of Business Analysis).
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June 18, 2009
400 pages
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