Time To Find A New Job (Gavin F. Redelman)

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Time To Find A New Job (Gavin F. Redelman)

In this book, you'll find tried-and-true guidance on how to write a resume, how to write a cover letter, how to use social media to project a professional image, how to get ready for a job search, and the value of networking, how to prepare for an interview, how to conduct a job search, and how to handle interview questions.

No longer will a hastily written résumé and an appearance at the job interview suffice to guarantee employment.

It contains information on how to write a resume, what a cover letter is for, how to present yourself professionally on social media, how to get ready for a job hunt, and the value of networking. Interview preparation approaches to the job search, and interview questions.

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Gavin Redelman is well renowned for being an expert in "Achievement Based" resume writing and a career planner. Gavin is a well-known resume-writing guru who is also a prolific blogger. He has had pieces published in newspapers, journals, student, and graduate publications all around the world.
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PDF (60 pages)

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