Thinking Forth: A Language and Philosophy for Solving Problems (Leo Brodie)

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Thinking Forth: A Language and Philosophy for Solving Problems (Leo Brodie)

The philosophy of problem-solving and programming style as it relates to the distinctive programming language Forth is discussed in the book Thinking Forth.

It may rank among the timeless masterpieces of computer books, like Fred Brooks' The Mythical Man-Month and Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming, which was initially published in 1984.

Many of the software engineering concepts mentioned here, such as (re)factoring, modularity, bottom-up design, and incremental development, have been rediscovered in eXtreme Programming. All of those things and more are covered in this book, including the importance of analysis and design, which is explained in Leo Brodie's approachable and humorous style and includes cartoon illustrations, code examples, real-world applications, and interviews with Charles H. Moore, the creator of Forth, and other Forth thinkers.

This book is essential reading if you program in Forth. If not, don't worry—the essential ideas in Thinking Forth apply to everyone interested in creating problem-solving software. Although the ideas stretch beyond Forth, the straightforward elegance of Forth brings them into sharp focus.

The Forth philosophy, analysis, decomposition, problem-solving, style and conventions, factoring, handling data, and minimization of control structures are all covered in detail. But be warned: You might find it difficult to put it down.

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Starting Forth and Thinking Forth were written by Leo Brodie. He is currently working with NetSpeed Learning Solutions in Seattle as the Director of Technical Services. The father of three kids and a married man. "Across The Years," a CD of his original music, is now available on Amazon.
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(December 27, 2004)
316 pages
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