The Zen Approach to Project Management: Working from Your Center to Balance Expectations and Performance (George Pitagorsky)

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The Zen Approach to Project Management: Working from Your Center to Balance Expectations and Performance (George Pitagorsky)

The Zen technique to assignment control brings collectively sound understanding, a nuts-and-bolts grasp of practicalities, and authentic insights. it is the Zen this is been lacking in all too lots of modern-day business books, and George Pitagorsky is the master we've got wanted.

Daniel Goleman, writer Social Intelligence. projects are often greater complex and worrying than they want to be. far too a lot of them fail to meet expectancies. There are far too many conflicts. There are too few moments of pleasure and an excessive amount of tension. however, there's desire. it's far viable to dispose of the pointless pressure and complexity.

This e-book is ready the way to do simply that. It hyperlinks the vital standards and techniques of dealing with tasks to a knowledge approach for working with complex, humans-based activities. assignment management becomes a metaphor for a way we can live our lives and, if we observe the knowledge traditions, the manner we stay our lives becomes a metaphor for a way to control initiatives.

The e-book courses readers in exploring how to: get rid of pointless pressure and complexity of your projects. observe mindfulness and open-mindedness to cut through the barriers to non-public self-actualization. control expectations to ensure that human beings get what they need after they want it and for the value, they anticipated to pay and that they receive what they get.

Manipulate overall performance to reduce interpersonal and intrapersonal troubles that get within the manner of excellence. spoil freed from self-imposed boundaries to creative questioning, conflict decision, and hassle fixing. stay calm and lively whilst being active and effective in the face of chaos, worry, resistance to trade, unrealistic demands, conflict, and the other components of undertaking lifestyles that reason stress.

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About the Authors
George Pitagorsky blends meditation, perennial understanding, structured thinking, and a long time of experience right into a method for dwelling an aware, compassionate, and especially effective life filled with healthful relationships.
Published Date / Year
1st New edition edition (August 2007)
272 pages

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