The UNIX Hater's Handbook (Simson Garfinkel, et al)

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The UNIX Hater's Handbook (Simson Garfinkel, et al)

The UNIX-Haters Handbook is a self-help book for those who are impacted by the most obscure and popular operating system in the world. It follows the 12-step tradition of programs that encourage people to share their experiences in order to overcome addictions.

All those who must use UNIX should read this book. It is a satirical book that maintains that UNIX is a computer virus with a user interface. It is just for fun. The "UNIX-Haters" mailing list on the Internet, it contains letters from thousands of people. It is not a manual, guide, or reference for computers. Readers will feel less alone after reading this self-help book.

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Published Date / Year
(June 1994); (2013-11-26)
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329 pages
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PDF (360 pages, 3.5 MB), ePub, Kindle, Daisy, DjVu, etc.

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