The SELinux Notebook, 4th Edition (Richard Haines)

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This pocket book has been assembled from records this is to be had in the public domain and in which necessaryup to date to reflect the Linux protection Module (LSM) and security-more suitable Linux (SELinux) services as constructed into the Fedora 10 release of GNU/Linux.

The 4th edition of the SELinux notebook has to help with explaining:

  • SELinux and its motive in lifestyles.
  • The LSM / SELinux structure, its helping services, and how they may be applied inside GNU / Linux.
  • SELinux Networking, virtual gadget, X-home windows, PostgreSQL, and Apache/SELinux-Plus
  • SELinux-conscious abilities.
  • The core SELinux kernel policy language.
  • Creation of the brand new Common Intermediate Language (CIL) implementation.
  • The core SELinux coverage management equipment with examples of usage.
  • The Reference policy structure, its helping services, and the way it's miles applied.
  • The mixing of SELinux inside Android - SE for Android.

But, this pocketbook will not provide an explanation for how the SELinux rules are managed within each GNU/Linux distribution as they have their personal helping information (e.g. Fedora has the Fedora 10 SELinux consumer guide and Gentoo has the Gentoo SELinux handbook).

The intensive search for a more secure working device has regularly left regular, production computer systems some distance in the back of their experimental, studies cousins. Now SELinux (security-better Linux) dramatically modifications this. This fine-known and most respected safety-related extension to Linux embodies the important thing advances inside the protection field. better but, SELinux is to be had in widespread and popular distributions of the Linux working gadget - which includes Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, pink Hat corporation Linux, and SUSE - it all loose and open supply.


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