The Node.js Handbook (Flavio Copes)

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The Node.js Handbook (Flavio Copes)

This manual serves as an introduction to Node.js, the server-side runtime environment for JavaScript. According to the 80/20 rule, you should learn the first 20% of a topic before moving on to the second 20%.

Cross-platform open-source software called Node.js. It has gained enormous popularity since its debut in 2009 and currently has a big impact on the web development industry.

You will find all you need in this hands-on, project-based book to get started as a Node.js developer. It sifts through the sea of Node-related information and provides the fundamental knowledge and abilities required to become a Node developer. It guides you through the process of producing finished apps while teaching you how to create, distribute, and test your own Node apps. It lays up everything in a thorough, step-by-step manual that will help you start going right away.

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About the Authors
Flavio Copes is a software engineer. He writes tutorials for developers.
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HTML, PDF (189 pages), ePub, and Mobi (Kindle)

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