The Little Book about OS Development (Erik Helin, et al)

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The Little Book about OS Development (Erik Helin, et al)

This book serves as a step-by-step manual for creating your own x86 operating system. It is intended to provide just enough assistance with the technical specifics while also avoiding giving away too much information through samples and code excerpts.

We've made an effort to compile some of the large (and frequently fantastic) amount of information and tutorials that are available, both online and off, and to add our own insights into the issues we ran across.

The philosophy of operating systems or how any particular operating system (OS) functions are not topics covered in this book. The book Modern Operating Systems by Andrew Tanenbaum is advised by OS theory authors. On the Internet, you can get lists and information about the most recent operating systems.

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  • Software developer Erik Helin works at Oracle. Aenix is a small operating system that supports preemptive multitasking, and it was created by him and Adam Renberg.
  • Software developer Adam Renberg works for Tictail in Sweden. He enjoys working on issues with deployment, automation, and scalability. Additionally, he has a keen interest in security in general as well as working with authentication and authorization.
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