The JHipster Mini-Book 5.0 (Matt Raible)

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The JHipster Mini-Book 5.0 (Matt Raible)

The most recent version (5.0) has been upgraded for JHipster 5. New sections on progressive web apps (PWA), code quality, and user data security are included in this edition.

A full and contemporary web project is produced by JHipster by combining: - A high-performance and reliable Java stack on the server side with Spring Boot - An angular and bootstrap front-end that is elegant, contemporary, and mobile-first. - A strong workflow to create your application with Yeoman, Webpack, and Maven/Gradle - A solid microservice architecture with the JHipster Registry, Netflix OSS, the ELK stack, and Docker

Setting up a new software project requires a number of steps that can be intimidating. To construct your API, you must first choose the back-end framework, your database, configure security, and your build tool. The next step is to choose the tools you'll use to construct your front end: pick a UI framework, set up a build tool, configure Sass processing, set up auto-refreshing for your browser whenever you make changes, and align the client and server to operate together.

JHipster can help you save days when developing a new application with Spring Boot and AngularJs. JHipster is a tool for creating projects that create projects with an AngularJs client and an API powered by Spring Boot. It can also construct scaffolding for your application and set it up to run in the cloud, among other things. JHipster is a gold mine of knowledge for creating cutting-edge online applications. Any interested and curious developer can become a Java Hipster thanks to it!

This book serves as a starter's manual for three current trendy technologies: Angular, Bootstrap, and Spring Boot. These frameworks are all contained in the JHipster project, which is simple to use. You can use JHipster, a Yeoman generator, to build a project and have boilerplate code generated for you. This book walks you through the wealth of tools, approaches, and possibilities available and demonstrates how to create an app with JHipster. Additionally, it describes the UI and API building pieces so that you are aware of how your fantastic application is supported.

This book walks you through the wealth of tools, approaches, and possibilities available and demonstrates how to create an app with JHipster. Additionally, it describes the UI and API building pieces so that you are aware of how your fantastic application is supported.

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About the Authors
Web developer, Java Champion, and Developer Advocate @okta Matt Raible are currently. He enjoys utilizing CSS and JavaScript to design and create slick-looking user interfaces. He is well-known in the Java world and has spent most of his adult life developing online apps. 
Published Date / Year
(Nov 13, 2018); (April 18, 2018)
167 pages
eBook Format
PDF, ePub, and Mobi (Kindle)

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