The JavaScript Way (Baptiste Pesquet)

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The JavaScript Way (Baptiste Pesquet)

This book seeks to serve as a helpful resource for anyone looking to (re)discover JavaScript's numerous elements. It took a lot of thought to make it:

  • Beginner-friendly yet comprehensive. From the very basics of programming up to front-end and back-end web development, a lot of topics are covered in a simple and accessible way. No prior knowledge is needed!
  • Standards-aligned. The book is entirely written using the recent ES2015 syntax, giving you future-proof knowledge. From start to finish, it enforces good programming habits, embraces the ubiquitous JavaScript tools ESLint and Prettier, and closely follows the popular AirBnb Style Guide.
  • Hands-on. No real learning happens without practicing! Each chapter is accompanied by a series of exercises to put your newly acquired skills into action. A three-part project will guide you in the creation of a social news web application (see it in action).
  • Easy to follow. Code along directly in your browser or build an efficient JavaScript development environment on your local machine.

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About the Authors
Baptiste Pesquet is an Engineer and teacher in computer science near Bordeaux, France.
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