The Java Web Scraping Handbook (Kevin Sahin)

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The Java Web Scraping Handbook (Kevin Sahin)

The practice of collecting and parsing the HTML code from a third-party website in order to retrieve the desired data is known as web scraping or crawling. It may be difficult.

It's frequently difficult, with anything from poor HTML to significant Javascript usage and anti-bot methods.

Many businesses utilize it to learn about competitive pricing, news aggregation, lead generation, etc.

This book will show you how to break through captchas, deploy your scrapers in the cloud, cope with AJAX and Javascript-heavy websites, and many more advanced techniques.

Six sample apps with complete Java source codes are included in the book and are available for download or direct execution from our web server. If the book has more lines of code than lines of text, that is up for debate.

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Published Date / Year
(March 06, 2020)
eBook Format
HTML and PDF (115 pages)

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