The Hudson Book (Manfred Moser, et al)

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The Hudson Book (Manfred Moser, et al)

Eclipse A popular continuous integration server called Hudson gives development teams a dependable way to track source control changes and start a range of builds.

By the community for the community, The Hudson Book seeks to be the most reliable and current source of information on Hudson.

Adopt a very agile, "automate everything" software design attitude to maximize productivity while lowering risk and complexity. You will learn how to improve and stabilize each process in your development lifecycle in this book.

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  • Tim M O'Brien is a professional singer and programmer living and working in the Chicago area. He prefers Emacs to vi. Tim discovered programming on a TRS-80 and went on to study (and subsequently forget) Electrical Engineering at UVA. In his free time, Tim likes to sleep, study music, build toys with microcontrollers, and participate in open-source projects. Tim is active in the Jakarta Commons project.
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(2011 - Date)
280 pages
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ePub and PDF (151 pages, 4.0 MB)

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