The Everyday Life of an Algorithm (Daniel Neyland)

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The Everyday Life of an Algorithm (Daniel Neyland)

An algorithm is a set of IF...THEN rules are used to create a new, moral video surveillance architecture for transportation hubs.

This open-access book starts with an algorithm. The algorithm will be followed by readers for three years as they chart its daily activities.

The algorithm must understand ethical, transparent, accountable, and market value issues through a sequence of increasingly difficult types of experimentation. If the algorithm is to become a standard component of the settings where it is being used, it must demonstrate its capacity to grasp daily life at this point.

The book begins a conversation with existing social science research that frequently focuses on the strength and opacity of algorithms by examining the algorithm's day-to-day activities. We have exclusive access to the design, development, and testing of the algorithm in this book, but we can also attest to its brittleness and reliance on others.

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About the Authors
Professor of Sociology Daniel Neyland teaches at Goldsmiths University in London, United Kingdom. In the context of science, technology, and organizational structures, his research examines questions of governance, responsibility, and ethics. He has written works on topics like organizational ethnography, banal governance, and privacy and surveillance.
Published Date / Year
1st ed. (January 3, 2019); eBook (Creative Commons Licensed)
CC BY 4.0
160 pages
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PDF (154 pages) and ePub

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