The Computer Science of TeX and LaTeX (Victor Eijkhout)

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The Computer Science of TeX and LaTeX (Victor Eijkhout)

This book introduces a variety of computer science subjects using the TeX and LaTeX systems. The lecture notes from a course presented at the University of Tennessee served as the basis for this book.

The book is a compilation of the lecture notes the author used to teach a computer science course in 2004. They still maintain the recognizable appearance and texture of the notes we may have read while we were students: obligatory notes on the textbooks used, including their library call numbers; "to do" footnotes written to the professor rather than the students; a chapter that was skipped; and even omitted chunks (nevertheless mentioned in the table of contents).

It's an intriguing concept to base computer science instruction on a sizable software created by one of the field's pioneers. It is also debatable because TeX is a real-world software with real-world compromises and flaws, as opposed to toy systems created to show the theory.

Additionally, the program's size and complexity make it challenging to divide into smaller chunks, each of which elegantly illustrates a different computer science concept.

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About the Authors
Victor Eijkhout is a studies scientist at the Texas superior Computing middle.
357 pages
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PDF, 234 pages, 4.7 MB

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