The C# Yellow Book (Rob Miles)

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This book offers numerous hands-on labs along the way to help you build and check programs the use of skills you've got discovered up to that factor. in the final lab, you will place the whole thing together. From items to rubbish series and from exceptions to interactions, you'll research C# in a manner that engages and entertains your mind.

If you have no longer programmed earlier than that, do not worry. Programming isn't rocketed technological know-how it's miles, well, programming. The awful information about getting to know to the application is that you get hit with numerous ideas and ideas at around the equal time when you start, and this may be confusing. The keys to studying programming are:

  • Practice - do a lot of programming and force yourself to think about things from a problem-solving point of view
  • Study - look at programs written by other people. You can learn a lot from studying the code that other folks have created. Figuring out how somebody else did the job is a great starting point for your solution. And remember that in many cases there is no best solution, just ones which are better in a particular context, i.e. the fastest, the smallest, the easiest to use, etc.
  • Persistence - writing programs is hard work. And you have to work hard at it. The principal reason why most folks don't make it as programmers is that they give up. Not because they are stupid. However, don't get too persistent.

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About the Authors
The author of this book Rob Miles is a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hull.
Published Date / Year
(September, 2015)
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PDF and Kindle

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