The Art Of Computer Game Design: Reflections Of A Master Game Designer (Chris Crawford)

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The Art Of Computer Game Design: Reflections Of A Master Game Designer (Chris Crawford)

One of the original books that are taken seriously on video games is this book. It discusses issues including what a game is, why people play games, and how to create one.

The author includes numerous instances from his personal experience as he delves into great length about the game design process.

The fundamental abilities that underlie the design and construction of a game are the focus of this book. Designers and developers lack the knowledge to use the technologies and approaches employed in business today without these talents.

Published in 1984, it is regarded as the first classic book on computer game design.

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Chris Crawford is a writer and video game designer. In the 1980s, he created and coded a number of significant computer games, such as Eastern Front (1941) and Balance of Power. He founded both The Journal of Computer Game Design and the Computer Game Developers Conference, becoming well-known among developers for his ardent support of game design as an art form (now called the Game Developers Conference).
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113 page
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