TeX by Topic: A Texnician's Reference (Victor Eijkhout)

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TeX by Topic: A Texnician's Reference (Victor Eijkhout)

The typesetting in mathematics, science, and engineering is standardized by the software program TEX, developed by Donald E. Knuth.


This text serves as a reference for the TeX typesetting system. It is helpful for those who wish to create LaTeX macros and other TeX modifications.

TeX By Topic is a priceless tool for every TeX user who wants to learn how to create challenging macros on their own. The book includes in-depth descriptions of the mechanisms underlying each TeX macro in addition to a wealth of very innovative, valuable, and practical ideas. contains a comprehensive cross-referencing mechanism.

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About the Authors
Victor Eijkhout is a studies scientist at the Texas superior Computing middle.
Published Date / Year
(February 1992); lulu.com (July 11, 2008); eBook (2011)
GNU Free Documentation License
307 pages
eBook Format
PDF, 319 pages, 1.3 MB

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