Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems (Edward Ashford Lee, et al)

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Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems (Edward Ashford Lee, et al)

Information is sent through signals. Signals are changed by systems. The mathematical models that were utilized to create and comprehend both are described in this book.

It is designed for students who are interested in gaining a thorough understanding of how to digitally create and modify signals in order to measure, control, and improve human interaction and communication.

Based on several years of successful classroom use at the University of California, Berkeley, this book offers electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science students an understandable introduction to signals and systems.

Applications are introduced early in the course material, often before students have developed enough theory to thoroughly understand the applications. Students are encouraged to study the theory because of this, and they are able to master signals and systems at the sophomore level. Calculus is the only prerequisite because the material motivates signals and systems through sound and pictures rather than circuitry.

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About the Authors
Edward Ashford Lee, a Kentucky native and Puerto Rican, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1957. He attended Yale after attending a boarding school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, where he learned about engineering and computer science. He accepted a position at Bell Labs after being completely persuaded, and the company later paid for his master's degree at MIT.
Published Date / Year
Second edition (2011)
726 pages
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PDF, ePud, Kindle, etc.

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