Spring by Example (David Winterfeldt, et al)

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Spring by Example (David Winterfeldt, et al)

This book covers Spring Framework from primary to advanced, which includes Spring MVC, Spring JPA, Spring IoC field, Spring AOP and AspectJ, Spring records access guide, Spring transaction management, Spring internet, and Portlet MVC, Spring testing assist, Spring assist for remoting, EJB, JMS, JMX, e-mail, scheduling, and scripting languages.

This e-book also introduces numerous commonplace Spring Portfolio projects with the purpose to convey full-size value in your application improvement, inclusive of Spring Security, Spring internet float, and Spring net offerings.

The topics on this ebook are added by whole and real-world code examples that you could observe grade by grade. instead of abstract descriptions of complicated concepts, you will locate stay examples in this e-book. when you start a brand new assignment, you can not forget to copy the code and configuration documents from this e-book, and then modify them to your wishes. this will save you an awesome deal of labor over developing an undertaking from scratch.

Spring turned into not advanced in a boardroom and as a result, it has a vibrant and on occasion confusing context. This book will first introduce you to the central concepts behind Spring and the way Spring will make your existence less difficult (and greater thrilling!). Spring is constructed around some key styles and some incredibly new concepts in Java programming. in this e-book after the advent, every article will be based on a living proof available from the Spring by using an example Subversion repository.

After you finish the first link, go ahead to the 2nd link for more advanced topics by Meyyappan Muthuraman.

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