Signal Computing: Digital Signals in the Software Domain (Bilin Stiber, et al)

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Signal Computing: Digital Signals in the Software Domain (Bilin Stiber, et al)

This book explains to readers how computers record, depict, process, transmit, and store digital signals. expanding on the incredibly digestible coverage that made it the preferred resource for DSP experts throughout the world.

Processing power, network bandwidth, storage capacity, I/O speed, and software architecture are all greatly impacted by digital signals. As a result, signal computing is a fantastic lab for testing the breadth of computer science expertise.

You will discover how digital signals are recorded, represented, processed, transmitted, and stored in computers in this book. Physical characteristics of the information's source (such as sound or images), information-capture devices (such as microphones and cameras), digitization, compression, digital signal representation (such as JPEG and MPEG), digital signal processing (DSP), and network communication are some of the specific topics we will cover.

You should comprehend the challenges and solutions facing the creation of signal computing systems in the areas of user interfaces, information retrieval, data structures and algorithms, and communications by the end of this book.

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About the Authors
  • Southern Methodist University's Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering's Department of Computer Science and Engineering is home to Assistant Professor Eric C. Larson (@ec Larson).
  • At the University of Washington Bothell, Bilin Stiber teaches. She earned her master's and doctorate from the Department of Biophysical Engineering at Osaka University (Osaka, Japan), where she also served as an assistant professor.
  • At the University of Washington Bothell, Michael D. Stiber (@stiber) teaches in the Computing & Software Systems Division.
Published Date / Year
(2016); New edition at Spring 2020
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