Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems (Gordon Fyodor Lyon)

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Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems (Gordon Fyodor Lyon)

Massively thorough and meticulously studied, Security Engineering demonstrates how challenging it is to safeguard information systems from tampering, eavesdropping, illegal usage, and general malice.

Better yet, Ross Anderson gives a wealth of ideas on how managerial techniques and technological advancements might work together to make information more secure (albeit probably not completely secure, at least not forever). His writings are intriguing to read and will undoubtedly cause great doubt—fear would be a better word—in anyone who has the knowledge they need to acquire, safeguard, or decide what to do with.

The goal of security engineering is to create reliable systems that can withstand malicious intent, human mistakes, and mishaps. It calls for interdisciplinary understanding in a variety of fields, including applied psychology, business, and the law, as well as computer security and cryptography. Despite the fact that there are excellent books on many of these fields, this book is the first to combine them into a thorough manual for creating full systems.

The book brings the subject to life with detailed descriptions of automatic teller machines, burglar alarms, copyright protection mechanisms, de-identified medical record databases, electronic warfare systems, and other crucial applications. Written for the working programmer or engineer who needs to learn the subject quickly but has no time to do a Ph.D. in it. Additionally, it covers a lot of technologies that lack suitable introductory text, like biometrics, tamper-resistant gadgets, and phone fraud techniques.

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A pioneer in security economics, Ross Anderson is a professor of security engineering at Cambridge University. One of the foremost experts on security in the world, he has made ground-breaking contributions to a wide range of technologies, including peer-to-peer networks, API analysis, and hardware security. He has published numerous studies on how genuine security solutions fail.
Published Date / Year
3rd edition (December 22, 2020); 2 edition (2008); eBook (1st & 2nd Edition)
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1232 pages; 1080 pages (2nd Edition)
eBook Format
PDF files
1119642787; 0470068523 (2nd Edition)
978-1119642787; 978-0470068526 (2nd Edition)

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