Rethinking the Internet of Things: A Scalable Approach to Connecting Everything (Francis daCosta, et al)

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Rethinking the Internet of Things: A Scalable Approach to Connecting Everything (Francis daCosta, et al)

This book offers a great introduction to the design, difficulty, and problems related to the Internet of Things' potential future applications (IoT). Additionally, it offers intriguing ideas for employing edge gateways and data streaming from a limited number of devices as opposed to edge gateway or cloud bulk processing.

Most Internet-connected devices won't be utilized by people in the same way as personal computers, tablets, and smartphones are throughout the course of the next ten years. The environment, transportation systems, industry, farms, forests, utilities, soil and weather conditions, oceans, and resources will all be under the constant surveillance of billions of connected devices.

A large portion of the information will be directly shared between machines without the need for human intervention thanks to the networking of many of these sensors and actuators into autonomous sets. Communications between machines are frequently brief. The majority of sensors and actuators will respond to brief "chirps" of information by reporting or acting. The cost of ownership for these devices is unnecessarily raised by burdening them with the current network protocol stacks, which are inefficient and unneeded.

This needs to alter. The Internet of Things architecture must change right away by introducing more straightforward protocols at the network's edges, or it will always be wasteful. Rethinking the Internet of Things outlines the justifications for why we need to reconsider our existing strategies for the IoT. In-depth descriptions of appropriate architectures that will coexist with current networking protocols are provided. It is investigated how integrator functions, propagator nodes, and end devices interact in an architecture.

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