Programming in Lua (Roberto Ierusalimschy)

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Programming in Lua (Roberto Ierusalimschy)

This book is intended for professionals and students who are interested in learning and utilizing a potent language that offers a robust framework for developing programs.

With the exception of the part on Lua bindings, which necessitates some acquaintance with the C programming language, this book does not require any programming skills to be useful. It is assumed that the user is at least somewhat familiar with directory structures, text editing, and command-line operations.

Anyone looking for a scripting language that is easy to learn, effective, extendable, portable, and free should use Lua. Currently, Lua is used frequently in the game business, where it is an undeniable asset, as well as in domains like embedded systems and Web development. Additionally, Lua has made a name for itself as a key language in the creation of mobile software.

The official guide to the language, Programming in Lua, provides a strong foundation for any programmer wishing to use Lua. Written by Roberto Ierusalimschy, the language's principal architect, it covers every facet of Lua 5, from the fundamentals to its API with C, explains how to utilize its features, and provides several code examples.

Although programming in Lua is intended for those with some programming experience, no prior knowledge of Lua or other scripting languages is required. This Third Edition includes a significant amount of new content and upgrades the text to Lua 5.2. In particular, it includes more than 100 tasks dispersed throughout all chapters, ranging from straightforward linguistic inquiries to comprehensive small-scale projects.

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About the Authors
The creation and implementation of programming languages is the area of expertise of Roberto Ierusalimschy, an associate professor of computer science at PUC-Rio (the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro). He is the "Programming in Lua" book's author and the primary architect of the Lua programming language (now in its third edition and translated to Chinese, Korean, German, and Japanese).
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(August 1, 2016); eBook (2003)
This online book is freely available for personal use only.
388 pages
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