Programming in C (Bharat Kinariwala, et al)

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Programming in C (Bharat Kinariwala, et al)

The most widely used programming language, which served as the foundation for numerous additional versions throughout the years, is introduced to you in The C Programming Language.

It is a fantastic book for both new programmers and computer users who want to understand what is going on in the background as they use various programs.

You will discover what the C programming language comprises in this book, as well as how to create conditions, expressions, statements, and even commands so that the language can carry out its tasks effectively. Additionally, you will learn how to arrange pertinent phrases such that the computer produces results that are helpful rather than error messages following compilation and execution. This book also covers the data types you need for the C programming language and how to display them.

Simply said, this book is intended for programmers, students enrolled in other computer-related courses and other computer users who wish to become familiar with the inner workings of the most widely used programming language, C.

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Concepts
  3. Designing Programs Top Down
  4. Processing Character Data
  5. Numeric Data Types and Expression Evaluation
  6. Pointers
  7. Arrays
  8. Functions and Files
  9. Two Dimensional Arrays
  10. Sorting and Searching
  11. String Processing
  12. Structures and Unions
  13. Files and the Operating System
  14. Storage Class and Scope
  15. Engineering Programming Examples.

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