Programming from the Ground Up: An Introduction to Programming using Linux Assembly Language (Jonathan Bartlett)

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Programming from the Ground Up: An Introduction to Programming using Linux Assembly Language (Jonathan Bartlett)

The most crucial programming ideas are taught to novice programmers in this book using the Linux assembly language.

It guides you through the following ideas one at a time:

  • How the processor views memory
  • How the processor operates
  • How programs interact with the operating system
  • How computers represent data internally
  • How to do low-level and high-level optimization

Most books on starting programming make an effort to hide from the reader how their computer actually functions. This book begins by explaining how a computer actually operates so that the programmer will have a solid foundation from which to succeed in all facets of programming.

The Princeton University course COS 217, "Introduction to Programming Systems," uses this book as its primary text.

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About the Authors
Director of Technology at New Media Worx, Jonathan Bartlett creates unique software solutions for a range of businesses. Prior to this, he held positions as a webmaster for numerous businesses, the Manager of Internet Systems Development for Wolfram Research, and EDS's midrange department.
Published Date / Year
(July 1, 2004); eBook (GNU and Creative Commons Licensed)
GNU Free Documentation License, CC BY 4.0
322 pages
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PDF, ePub, Kindle, etc.

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