Practical Guide to Bare Metal C++ (Alex Robenko)

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Practical Guide to Bare Metal C++ (Alex Robenko)

This book is a very useful manual for C++ real-time embedded microcontroller system development. It explains the applications for bare-metal systems, the features that set them apart from more conventional systems, and the design and programming options available. It will assist someone in beginning C++ development for embedded systems using bare metal.

"I occasionally get asked if C++ is appropriate for embedded software, and bare metal development in particular. There are numerous publications claiming that C++ is better than C, that everything you can do in C++ can be done with a lot more features, and that it should even be used for bare metal development. However, I haven't come across many practical lessons or recommendations on how to use C++ better than the industry standard of using the "C" programming language to speed up the development process. With this book, I hope to explain and show examples of how to implement soft real-time systems without prioritizing interrupts and without any need for complex real-time task scheduling."

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Software Engineer Alex Robenko works for Leica Geosystems. He has experience with the newest C++11 standard, the STL and BOOST libraries in C++, and has worked on the creation of embedded systems that are crucial for safety and mission-critical applications.
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