Practical Cryptography for Developers (Svetlin Nakov)

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Practical Cryptography for Developers (Svetlin Nakov)

A current, useful book about cryptography for programmers that includes code examples, covers fundamental ideas, as well as cryptographic libraries and developer tools, and includes a ton of examples in Python and other programming languages.

You create software. Do you occasionally need to employ cryptography such as hashes, encryption, or digital signatures in your line of work? And you believe that cryptography is complex, filled with math, and reserved only for nerds? This is untrue; anyone who develops software can learn how to use cryptographic methods. This book will demonstrate how to use practical coding experience, code examples, and less math.

For programmers, security experts, aspiring cryptographers, and everyone else who finds cryptography a little bit challenging, this book is the ideal introduction to the subject.

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Svetlin Nakov has a background in technology spanning over 20 years, working as a software engineer, project manager, consultant, trainer, and digital entrepreneur. She has a wealth of technical expertise in areas like blockchain, Web development, information systems, databases, cryptography, C#, Java, JS, PHP, and Python.
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