PHP: The Right Way (Phil Sturgeon, et al)

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PHP: The Right Way (Phil Sturgeon, et al)

There is a tonne of out-of-date information online that misleads new PHP users and spreads unsafe code. PHP: The Right Way is a fast, easy-to-read reference for PHP that includes links to reputable tutorials on the Internet and what the authors believe to be best practices at the moment.

There is no set method for using PHP. This book seeks to give seasoned professionals some new thoughts on those topics they've been performing for years without ever reconsidering, as well as to educate new PHP developers on some areas they may not discover until it is too late. This ebook won't even recommend which tools you should use; instead, it will present a variety of choices and, when possible, explain the variations in strategy and application.

Since this is a live document, more pertinent details and examples will be added as they become available.

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  • For years, Phil Sturgeon used a variety of languages and frameworks to create websites, including PHP, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Python, and EmberJS, to mention a few. He has created a sizable number of APIs throughout the years and tried to implement several more. He gained a lot of insight into the positive, negative, and ugly aspects of API development as a result.
  • Both the Slim Framework and PHP The Right Way were developed by Josh Lockhart. At New Media Campaigns, senior developer
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(Last Updated: 2019); (2016)
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