PHP Power Programming (Andi Gutmans, et al)

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This ebook suggests the way to make the maximum of a personal home page's commercial-strength upgrades in any mission -- no matter how huge or complex.

Its particular insights and sensible examples remove darkness from the personal home page's new object model, effective design patterns, progressed XML internet services guide, and plenty more. whether you're developing new applications, extensions, programs, shell scripts, or migrating antique code - here are excessive-powered solutions you may not discover anywhere else.

overview PHP's syntax and master its item-oriented abilities - from houses and methods to polymorphism, interfaces, and reflection

  • Master the four most important design patterns for PHP development
  • Write powerful web applications: handle input, cookies, session extension, and more
  • Integrate with MySQL, SQLite, and other database engines
  • Provide efficient error handling that's transparent to your users
  • Leverage PHP's improved XML support - including parsing, XSLT conversions, and more
  • Build XML-based web services with XML-RPC and SOAP
  • Make the most of PEAR: work with the repository, use key packages, and create your own
  • Improve script performance: tips and tools for PHP optimization
  • Use PHP extensions to handle files/streams, regular expressions, dates/times, and graphics
  • Create original extensions and shell scripts

In case you're a software developer new to Hypertext Preprocessor, you may jump quickly into php and its new object-orientated abilities. in case you're a skilled php programmer, you already understand the personal home page's convenience and simplicity. Now, discover all of its extraordinary strength!

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About the Authors
  • ANDI GUTMAN'S co-created Hypertext Preprocessor three and all versions considered. A member of the personal home page core group, he is one of the international maximum particularly seemed Hypertext Preprocessor builders.
  • STIG S. BAKKEN, also a member of the Hypertext Preprocessor middle group, created PEAR: php Extension and Application Repository, the framework and worldwide distribution machine for reusable personal home page components.
  • DERICK RETURNS is a Hypertext Preprocessor code contributor and leader of the personal home page QA group.
Published Date / Year
1 edition (November 6, 2004), eBook (2005)
Open Publication License
720 pages
eBook Format
9.39 MB

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