Patterns: Integrating WebSphere ILOG JRules with IBM Software (Chris Rayns, et al)

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Patterns: Integrating WebSphere ILOG JRules with IBM Software (Chris Rayns, et al)

In order to deliver better solutions, this book explains how the IBM WebSphere® JRules Product can be used in conjunction with other IBM middleware products.

By integrating a Business Rules management system into their current infrastructures, architects will be able to provide the value propositions that businesses require. In order to demonstrate common integration patterns and practices for these products, the article then assists developers in designing and integrating JRules with those middleware solutions (focusing on Websphere Process Server, WebSphere Message Broker, and IBM CICS®).

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About the Authors
The developer of the Community Edition at the IBM China Development Lab is Jiang Lin Quan.
Published Date / Year
(January 28, 2011); Vervante (February 24, 2011)
eBook Format
PDF, 372 pages, 11.1 MB

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