Pangea Software's Ultimate Game Programming Guide for Mac OS X (Brian Greenstone)

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Pangea Software's Ultimate Game Programming Guide for Mac OS X (Brian Greenstone)

This essential book by Brian Greenstone, the programmer behind popular Mac apps including Nanosaur, Bugdom, Cro-Mag Rally, Enigmo, and Otto Matic, divulges his Mac programming techniques.

The HID Manager, OpenGL, OpenAL, Core Graphics, Rendezvous, Quicktime, and other Mac OS technologies are only a few of the details that are covered in the book. Additionally, readers will discover networking, stereo 3D rendering, AltiVec optimizations, writing a Maya plug-in, and even how to copy-protect their games.

There is a whole chapter devoted to marketing and sales tactics for game makers that are considering self-publishing their titles. Never before has one book contained so much essential knowledge on Mac game programming.

Ebook Details

About the Authors
Since 1982, Brian Greenstone has been creating games for Apple platforms, including hits like Bugdom, Nanosaur, Otto Matic, Enigmo, Cro-Mag Rally, and more!
Published Date / Year
(October 2004)
288 pages
eBook Format
Zipped PDF, 41.0 MB

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