Oracle Performance Tuning with Solid State Disk (Mike Ault, et al)

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Oracle Performance Tuning with Solid State Disk (Mike Ault, et al)

Solid state discs are becoming more and more common, making it difficult for DBAs to maintain their database performance tuning techniques and maximize application performance and return on investment. This new book provides DBAs with the most recent, practical advice, enabling them to focus SSD technology on the database areas that will benefit from it the most.

Oracle In-focus books concisely address particular facets of Oracle technology and are geared toward Oracle professionals who require quick and precise working examples of complex problems. Database administrators may quickly solve their problems without having to review data they already know because there is a tonne of functional code offered with little to no theory.

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About the Authors
Mike Ault, who holds five Oracle Masters Certificates and has authored more than 20 Oracle books as well as several essays for national media, was the first well-known Oracle author with his seminal book "Oracle7 Administration and Management." Mike is well known as a top author and Oracle consultant. 
Published Date / Year
(February 1, 2005), eBook (2009)
240 pages
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PDF, 4.10 MB

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