Modern Robotics with OpenCV (Widodo Budiharto)

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Modern Robotics with OpenCV (Widodo Budiharto)

How to use a robot with computer vision to complete difficult tasks while interacting with the environment, using a distributed system with multiple programs talking to one another and exchanging information over the network.

Today, robotics is a fascinating subject. The goal of this book is to introduce readers to OpenCV-based intelligent robotics. It covers the modeling and implementation of intelligent robots and is designed for the first course in robot vision.

OpenCV is used for commercial applications like security, medical imaging, pattern and face recognition, robotics, and industrial product inspection. It has approximately 500 functions that cover a wide range of vision-related topics. This book gives you a firm grounding in computer vision and OpenCV for building simple or sophisticated Robotics applications.

The need for this textbook arose from teaching robotics to students and hobbyists for many years and facing the difficulty to provide an excellent book to explain advanced technology in intelligent robotics and the kinematics of the robot.

  • Its content is consisting of many implementations of mobile robots and manipulators using OpenCV.
  • Using the newest technology in Microcontrollers such as Propeller Microcontrollers for robotics.
  • Its content is consisting of an introduction and implementation of OpenCV described clearly.

Ebook Details

About the Authors
Dr. Widodo Budiharto is a senior lecturer and researcher at the School of Computer Science at Binus University, Jakarta-Indonesia.
Published Date / Year
(April, 2014)
CC BY-NC 3.0
219 pages
eBook Format
PDF (232 pages)

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