Modern Perl (chromatic)

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Modern Perl (chromatic)

One approach to describe how skilled and productive Perl 5 programmers work is with modern Perl. They employ idioms in the language. They benefit from the CPAN. They exhibit good taste, workmanship, and a thorough mastery of Perl while still being distinctly Perlish.

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A Perl hacker and author named Chromatic works to raise software quality by supporting open source, testing, and sound software development. He has made contributions to a number of well-known modules, such as Test::Builder, Test::More, and Test::MockObject, as well as to significant projects like Slashcode, the Everything Engine, and a substantial number of the tests in the base Perl distribution. He serves as the Perl 6 design team's secretary as well.
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4th edition (November 10, 2015)
276 pages
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