Modeling Flight: The Role of Dynamically Scaled Free-Flight Models in Support of NASA's Aerospace Programs (Joseph R. Chambers)

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Modeling Flight: The Role of Dynamically Scaled Free-Flight Models in Support of NASA's Aerospace Programs (Joseph R. Chambers)

General aviation, fighters, civil transports, lifting bodies, reentry capsules, parawing vehicles, and supersonic transports are just a few of the many aircraft to which NASA has contributed.

This book evaluates the outcomes of historically major aircraft programs and discusses the challenges that must be taken into account when translating subscale results to full-scale applications.

The majority of the book is devoted to applications of the concepts to various aircraft and spacecraft designs as well as to generic setups for general research. Also reviewed are some key takeaways. The article finishes with the author's viewpoint on probable future opportunities and requirements in free-flight model testing. A brief discussion of the unique dynamic force tests that typically precede free-flight tests is presented.

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Aviation consultant Joseph R. Chambers resides in Yorktown, Virginia. After a 36-year career as a researcher and manager of military and civil aeronautics research activities, he retired from the NASA Langley Research Center in 1998. As a member of the Langley Full-Scale Tunnel staff, he started his career as a specialist in flight dynamics and worked on research projects involving a range of aerospace vehicles, such as V/STOL configurations, reentry vehicles, and fighter aircraft designs.
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(August 19, 2010); Last Updated: Aug 14, 2020
202 pages
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PDF, ePub, and Mobi (Kindle)

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