Mixu's Node book: A book about using Node.js (Mikito Takada)

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Mixu's Node book: A book about using Node.js (Mikito Takada)

Scalable, high-performance online applications are ideal for Node.js, an elegant server-side JavaScript programming environment. With Node, developers may use a simple JavaScript server-side interface to access HTTP and other TCP/IP features.

This book is a step-by-step guide with examples that covers all the features, methods, and ideas required to create Node applications of professional quality. It first demonstrates how to set up a Node development environment and the extensions made by the community. It then covers asynchronous programming, which is necessary for real-time applications like chat, online gaming, and live statistics, and runs through a few straightforward demonstration programs. Additionally, it offers community frameworks that facilitate quicker and easier web development and demonstrates how to build legitimate online apps utilizing Node's HTTP API.

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