Mastering PowerShell (Tobias Weltner)

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Mastering PowerShell (Tobias Weltner)

With the help of Windows PowerShell Essentials, you can create sophisticated system management tools to take care of the routine duties that make up a Windows administrator's day.

You can also write scripts and utilities to automate system tasks. In-depth chapters on remoting, modules, events, and the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment are included in addition to thorough coverage of PowerShell.

This thorough manual begins with the fundamentals before going on to more complicated subjects including asynchronous processing, desired state setting, employing more intricate scripts and filters, troubleshooting problems, and error-handling strategies.

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About the Authors
One of the most well-known PowerShell MVPs in Europe is Dr. Tobias Weltner. He has written more than 80 books for Microsoft Press and other publishers on Windows and scripting techniques speaks frequently at conferences and road shows and offers advanced PowerShell and scripting training to businesses around Europe.
Published Date / Year
(2009); (2nd Edition, 2012)
eBook Format
HTML and PDF (576 pages, 3.78 MB)

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