Master Math: Solving Word Problems (Brita Immergut)

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Get geared up to master the unknown range! master Math: solving phrase issues is a comprehensive reference manual that explains and clarifies the problems people regularly face with word issues, in an easy, clean-to-follow style and format.

Beginning with the maximum primary types of word problems and progressing through to the greater advanced, fixing phrase problems suggests a way to focus first on the words in the hassle, and then on the numbers, breaking down the hassle into smaller segments to help you work thru. using familiar conditions from everyday lifestyles which include percentages and reductions, interest, movement and velocity, and probability, every type of phrase hassle is taught the use of step-by using-step techniques, answers, and examples. And end-of-bankruptcy problems will assist you to exercise what you found out.

An entire table of contents and a complete index permit you to fast locate unique subjects, and the approachable style and format facilitate an understanding of what can be intimidating and complicated capabilities. best for both college students who need a few extra assistance or rusty experts who want to sweep up, fixing word issues will help you master the whole thing from simple equations and percents to statistics and possibility!

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About the Authors
Brita Immergut is the writer of the way to assist Your toddler Excel in Math (profession Press) and co-writer of textbooks for adults: arithmetic and Algebra...once more and An advent to Algebra. 
Published Date / Year
2 edition (May 26, 2009)
178 pages

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