Logic for Computer Science: Foundations of Automatic Theorem Proving (Jean H. Gallier)

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Logic for Computer Science: Foundations of Automatic Theorem Proving (Jean H. Gallier)

This advanced text covers mathematical logic with a focus on proof theory and techniques for the algorithmic building of formal proofs. It is intended for undergraduate and graduate students.

Computer scientists and mathematically oriented readers who are interested in the formalization of proofs and the fundamentals of automatic theorem proving can also benefit from the self-contained treatment.

discusses the mathematical reasoning required for computer science with a focus on algorithmic approaches to proof solving. The treatment is complete, and Chapter 2 and the appendix contain all the necessary math. offers comprehensible, inductive definitions and a coherent framework based on Getzen systems.

contains a full chapter devoted to SLD resolution and logic programming, and provides unique coverage of congruence (PROLOG). incorporates software for artificial intelligence. Each chapter includes worked examples, programming exercises, problems that are rated by difficulty, historical observations, and recommendations for additional reading.

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About the Authors
At the University of Pennsylvania, where he has positions in the mathematics and computer and information science departments, computational logic researcher Jean H. Gallier conducts research.
Published Date / Year
(June 18, 2015); eBook (Second Edition)
528 pages
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PDF and PostScript Files

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