Linux Kernel Crash Book (Igor Ljubuncic)

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Linux Kernel Crash Book (Igor Ljubuncic)

for those in charge of maintaining Linux computer systems and networks, such as systems and network administrators and technical support engineers.

This book offers rapid fixes to a range of Linux system issues and serves as a first aid manual for Linux systems and network administrators. It goes into great detail about Linux system panics, crashes, and hangs, including their causes, what to do when they happen, how to gather data about them, how to evaluate that data, and how to fix the issue.

The information in this book may not be immediately useful to you, but the general knowledge and problem-solving techniques and skills that you learn here should be useful to everyone. You will find this book to be valuable at some point in the future when the time is right.

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(February 2011)
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PDF (182 pages, 4.87 MB)

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