Kanban for Skeptics: Clear Answers to Kanban in Software Development (Nick Oostvogels)

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Kanban for Skeptics: Clear Answers to Kanban in Software Development (Nick Oostvogels)

The use of kanban is growing in popularity as a means to track and display work-in-progress in the software development and IT industries.

Teams all across the world are incorporating kanban into their current workflows to promote cultural transformation and increase company agility. The questions addressed in this book are: Describe Kanban. Why should I use Kanban? How do I go about putting Kanban into practice? How can I spot possibilities for development and what should I do about them?

In the context of software engineering, the term "Kanban" has a far larger meaning. An approach to change management called Kanban uses a WIP limited pull system. For me, it's a strategy for altering your process such that it emphasizes the end-to-end value and consistently delivers high-quality goods. The constrained set of guidelines and standards encourages individuals to concentrate on providing value to customers rather than piling up unfinished work, which is still a problem in the software sector.

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